From Farm to Fork – Sat March 26 2022

Please register on the eventbrite link below.   There will be a hybrid  presentation ( in person at Palgrave United Community Kitchen or you can join virtually).    Thank you to New Horizons for Seniors for their financial support (no charge for this workshop – you do not need to be a senior) and EcoCaledon for partnering with Palgrave United Community Kitchen.

Workshop #2 – From Farm to Fork

Can we farm our way out of the Climate Crisis?

We used to grow and raise our food the right way – on small to medium-sized farms, with a small number of animals, producing a wide variety of crops that were rotated regularly to protect the richness of the soil. Over time, as our population exploded, we began to industrialize farming, changing much about the food we produce and how it got produced – Harriet Dyer.

During this second workshop, we will explore how the way food is grown can have an impact on the planet. In addition, we will discuss how changing current practices can help reduce emissions and enhance carbon sequestration.

Guest Speaker: Sarah Dolamore – Mount Wolfe Farm, Caledon

*Refreshments Included



Deepening community – be well together!

In partnership with the Palgrave United Community Kitchen.

*Proof of vaccination will NOT be required but we kindly ask that in-person participants wear a mask/face covering.

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